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High Performance PCs and Workstations

When the performance of your PC matters, we aim to create the absolute best custom PCs for gamers, enthusiasts, and professionals’ specific wants and needs. Whether you need an ultra-fast workstation for video and photo editing, or want the most immersive gaming experience, we make sure your custom high performance PC meets your requirements.

Photo & Video

Editing Computers

Videographers shooting and editing ultraHD 4K and 8K video or professional photographers require the power of a custom-built workstation PC to deliver the performance where it counts.

Turquoise Coast Computer’s PCs are fully customisable allowing you to choose options utilising the latest industry-leading components including Intel Xeon processors and NVIDIA’s Quadro Graphics Technology. They can be personalised right down to the case or even different colour schemes.

As a photo and video editors ourselves, we understand your needs, whether you need a custom workstation desktop or an HPC, our PCs are ready to deliver the power and performance necessary to help you get the project done efficiently and professionally.


Gaming &


Featuring the most cutting-edge computer engineering in the industry and offering the finest gaming experience, our Gaming PCs feature state-of-the-art and reliable parts, designed to give you an immersive gaming experience, even while gaming in VR, 144Hz monitors, or with 4K resolutions.


Turquoise Cost Computers only use superior components from trusted partners paired to support the most demanding PC usage. We consult with you on the parts you require and professionally put your system together, integrate the PC and run tests to ensure the PC is perfect and ready to go.

We make sure the performance of our PCs will be of the highest standard and give you a competitive advantage.

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