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What is Managed Antivirus?

Managed Antivirus is business grade protection for your home PC, Mac and mobile devices​.

Managed antivirus is used by large businesses to keep their computers safe.  The term “managed” refers to the antivirus reporting any issues it finds to the IT department. 

We have put together Managed Antivirus packages for home users so we can be notified when any of your devices  detect security issues  and address the issues as soon as they arise.

Managed Antivirus can protect Windows PC’s, 
Apple Macs, mobile phones and tablets.

$5.00 per month for 3 devices.

(one desktop or laptop computer and two Android phones or tablets.)


Real time and scheduled scanning
Setup a schedule for when you would like to scan the entire computer

Predictive Machine Learning
Predictive Machine Learning uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect emerging unknown security risks found in low-prevalence suspicious processes or files.

Vulnerability Protection
Vulnerability Protection uses a host-based intrusion prevention system (HIPS) to apply virtual patches to known vulnerabilities.

Website Reputation
Website Reputation enhances protection against malicious websites by filtering out websites with known poor reputations.

The firewall can block or allow certain types of network traffic by creating a barrier between the computers on your network.

Data Loss Prevention
Data Loss Prevention monitors or blocks sensitive data moving off your computer.

URL Filtering (website filtering)
URL Filtering allows you to block specific types of websites during different times of the day by specific website or a wide selection of categories. 

Managed by Turquoise Coast Computers
Turquoise Coast Computers will be notified if the antivirus detects any issues, so we can rectify the issues as soon as possible. 

WFH Setup
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