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Prevent your Business from becoming a Pawn in Cyberwarfare

Think your business is too small to attract the attention of players in international conflict? Think again. With an increasingly connected digital world, businesses can no longer make assumptions about the anonymity of their own online presence. So, how do you go about keeping yourself and your business safe? With vigilance and possibly a little assistance.

Many people fail to realize that small businesses are not immune to the possibility of becoming weaponized in acts of cyberwarfare. News of international tensions peaking around the tragic events unfolding half a world away may not seem to have any effect on your business, but online hostilities do not respect distance or international boundaries. You may be surprised one day to discover that your IT systems were involved in crime you did not even realize was happening.

Recent headline news about Ukraine provide ample examples. Around the time when Russia’s infamous recent attack occurred, there were multiple Ukrainian government organizations hacked, and messages of fear and intimidation were spread across multiple languages.

The list of targets in these types of attacks can range across:

· Government broadcasting sites

· Military databases

· Election organizations

· Critical national infrastructure

It is all about Connections

Experts point to the fact that the smaller businesses often have lower levels of security because they don't expect to be targeted as much as their larger clients do, or perhaps lack the resources larger companies can expend in providing IT defenses. The most likely way that cyberwarfare will utilize smaller companies is via a technique called "leapfrogging", wherein hackers build on the information that they have obtained to mount other attacks, usually with higher stakes, or on more secure or complex systems.

You yourself may not be the source of any sensitive information, but perhaps you provide services for someone who is. Hackers may only need you as a steppingstone for achieving their goals, and if you have weak IT protocols you may provide just the opportunity a criminal is looking for.

Just imagine finding out that your company got hacked and the cyber criminal used one of your invoices from your email address to dupe one of your clients into opening malware that has given criminals access to sensitive information. Even worse would be discovering that the information in question was used to do harm. The problem with neglecting your own IT welfare does not just reflect poorly on you, but leaves your valued clients and any other business contacts open to compromise as well.

Strengthen your Digital Fortifications

So, how can you go about making sure that this terrible scenario never comes to pass? First of all, acknowledge your own potential to become a victim and take action to ensure that you have company wide security protocols and a staff that recognize the signs of potential threats. You will want to ensure that your company keeps software updated, runs a dependable antivirus, and keeps up with news on the latest threats. It never hurts to do a quick refresher or some training for employees so that they recognize the signs of phishing and malware. Multifactor Authentication may seem like a bit of a pain, but it makes up for the hassle tenfold when protecting data. Two factor authentication makes it impossible for hostile outsiders to access accounts - even if they have managed to snoop into login credentials.

If you are still concerned about cyber-attacks or think you have vulnerabilities, an excellent and affordable way to take things to the next level is purchasing Managed Antivirus. Installing remote access controls and having an external monitor of security events means increased peace of mind, as IT specialists are then looking out for your business 24/7.

Lucid Protect from Turquoise Coast Computers can help ensure that you do not become a weapon in someone else’s cyberwarfare. Call us today and see how we can help you and your business feel safe and secure!

Phone: 0499 380 238

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