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Computer & Computer Services Buyers Guide

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Buy with confidence

Buying a computer and IT support services need not be a daunting task. A good supplier will be able to recommend a combination that meets your requirements and aspirations, and your budget. That, together with supporting services, is our area of expertise. Check out our reviews and put us to the test.

Turquoise Coast Computers have put together a list of tips and things to be wary of when buying computers and IT support services.

1. If you are buying a computer, know what’s inside it.

The main components to be aware of are the CPU, RAM and hard drives. The CPU is the ‘brain’ of the computer it takes care of all the processing or ‘thinking’. So good performance is important.

The hard drives store your data. There is a new type of hard drive available now called a Solid State Drive. They are much faster and more reliable.

The RAM is a type of memory that is used to store data that you are currently working on. Between 4GB and 8GB is enough for most users, but what is often not mentioned is the speed of the RAM which is measured in MHz. The performance of a computer is greatly increased by having faster RAM

2. Steer clear of ‘backyard’ builders

Building and assembling computers can be fun for knowledgeable enthusiasts and hobbyists, but when it comes to good quality, performance, value, reliability and support it is best to stick to trusted manufacturers.

For the same reason most people purchase from a known manufacturer when they buy a car, Rather than a kit car someone threw together in a shed.

3. Know your warranty terms

It is very easy for someone selling computers to state 1, 2 or even 3 year warranty, but who is backing up that warranty?

If you buy a computer that has been built or assembled by the person selling it to you, then it is likely that the warranty will be for the individual components that have been assembled for you. So, for instance, if your CPU becomes faulty, it would need to be removed from the computer and sent back to the CPU manufacturer for replacement. It is common for this process to take 1 – 3 months leaving the computer unusable the entire time.

Computer system warranties provided by ‘backyard’ builders are not comparable to that of a national manufacturer. Ideally, you want the whole computer under a single warranty from a reputable nationwide manufacturer. This ensures your warranty is redeemable in the event the person who sold you the computer is not available or you move to another town or state and that a wide range of replacement parts will be kept in stock.

4. Does the person selling you a computer understand your requirements?

If not there is likely one of two outcomes:

  • ​Poor quality, performance and reliability or

  • Unnecessary expense.

Look for a supplier who asks about and is in tune with your requirements, and is able to provide a good quality and reliable computer, and ongoing support, that meets your requirements and your budget.

5. Word of mouth and reviews

Ask friends, family and colleagues what they think of the company or person in question. check out their Facebook page for likes, reviews and comments.

6. Who is providing your products and services? Do they have the experience to do so?

The Information Technology (IT), computer sales and support industry encompasses a wide variety of skills - including computer, server and network technicians, system administrators, database engineers, web developers, technical sales, and so on. Someone who has spent a long time as a database engineer is unlikely to have a good understanding of things like computer virus removal or managing the IT requirements of a small business.

Check if your prospective supplier has the skills and experience to provide the products and services you require. For instance, if you were buying a car from someone stating they had 30 years experience in the motor industry, Find out what they did, were they a mechanic or a upholsterer and how does that relate to the information they are giving you.

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