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Turquoise Coast Computers Operations During COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

With COVID-19 affecting individuals and businesses nationwide, Turquoise Coast Computers have amended operating procedures to support you during this time and make sure you still receive safe, uninterrupted computer sales and I.T. services.

We are still providing remote assistance where possible, on-site service calls with necessary precautions, drop offs and if it makes you more comfortable, we are now offering our customers the option to have us pick up items at your location, make the necessary repairs, and deliver them back to you, sanitised and ready to go.


Need Help Moving Your Employees Remote?

More and more companies are accommodating their employees to work from home to ensure their safety and to prevent the spread of infection. Thankfully, we have solutions available and are ready to help you through this.

As they say “necessity is the mother of invention” and as a result of COVID-19 we have engineered cost innovative solutions that lower the barrier of entry for small to medium businesses looking to move to a remote worker model. We have also put together a set of guidelines regarding the use of hybrid cloud technologies to ensure access to your mission critical data and applications through this period and in the event of a disaster recovery situation.

We are happy to speak to you about a solution that suits your business.

Service and Parts

We offer consultancy and integration services for Microsoft Office 365 hosted exchange email and many other cloud services. Service, upgrades and maintenance is available for your business IT infrastructure including servers, desktop and laptop computers. Most of this work can be done remotely, or site visits if necessary, making sure safety protocols are followed.

We also have a supply of computer parts and hardware if needed in this time of scarcity.

It is also a good time to set your business up for the future with tax breaks for website design, ordering systems or hardware and software upgrades.


Computer Sales

When spending a lot of time at home, a good computer and a solid internet connection can mean the difference between boredom and productivity. We can still get the latest laptop, desktop and tablet computers from quality brands such as HP, Asus, Leader, MetaBox and Edsys​ or parts to upgrade your existing set up.

We also have every day items currently in stock, without the current price hikes. Don't wait weeks for a keyboard, laptop or monitors!

Residential IT support

For any support you might need such as virus removal, data transfers, new PC setups and hardware repairs you can remotely book a job with us from the safety of your own home on our Customer Portal​.

If possible, we can carry out the work through secure remote access, but we have also made sure our on-site service calls can be carried out safely. We are now offering our customers the option to have us pick up items at your location, make the necessary repairs back in our offices, and before delivering them back to you they are safely sanitised with COVID-19 approved sanitation techniques.

If there is anything else we can assist you with during this trying times, please feel free to call us 0499 380 238 or email us at your convenience.

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